The Wedding Venue That Left Guests W/ Gastro Has Shut Down After It Happened A FOURTH Fkn Time

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A Melbourne wedding venue that left dozens of wedding guests with a suspected bout of gastro earlier this month has had to temporarily shut down after a total of more than 200 guests presented the same symptoms.

At least 80 guests reported having the yucky symptoms after attending The Park on September 16, which included experiencing fever, nausea, diarrhoea and vomiting. Later, it was revealed that around 70 medical professionals that had eaten at the venue two days before had also become ill.

Now, more people have come forward with similar symptoms after attending events last weekend, with 9 News reporting the toll to be more than 200 guests. The mystery continues!

“We had taken all precautionary health & safety measures ahead of events held on the weekend, however, as there have been reported illnesses from an event on the weekend, we have decided to temporarily stop operating functions for the next two weeks until we have further information,” a statement from The Park said, per

“It is possible that these outbreaks are not linked, but we have decided to close out of an abundance of caution until we have further information.”

The venue said that it recognised this was a big decision (imagine being a bride there RN) but said it was necessary because the health and wellbeing of its guests were its “highest priority”.

“It is not a decision we have taken lightly, and we have found alternate locations for all parties impacted by our temporary closure,” a spokesperson said.

“We are in frequent contact with impacted parties and have expressed to them how sorry we are that this outbreak has impacted their special day.

“Park’s closure is entirely voluntary and has not been requested by the Department of Health.”

Speaking of the Victorian Department of Health, an investigation into the outbreak was launched after the first gastro-infested wedding, and it looks like there’s been some developments since.

According to, initial reports suggest norovirus is the cause of the outbreak. It’s basically a very contagious form of gastro. But where it came from is yet to be determined, and whether it’s the same virus for the new cases remains to be seen.

Image: The Park