The Nation’s Foremost Egg-Thrower Has Been Immortalised With His Very Own Action Figure

Move over G.I. Joe because Egg Boy just got an action figure and it’s bound to be every Aussie’s favourite.

Yes, Australia’s hero, the man who egged Fraser Anning while we all watched on in awe, is now an action figure.

“From the unrelenting turmoil of a corrupt theocratic police state emerges a dead set legend, a hero for our times,” the back of the box reads.

Egg Boy, real name Will Connolly, took to Instagram to show off his brand new action figure.

Since the ordeal, Connolly has become quite the local celebrity. I’m pretty sure his 495,000 Instagram followers classify him as at least a D-list celebrity, right?

It looks like only 100 of the figures were made, and Connolly managed to snag number 5, which means there’s likely less than 95 of these bad boys left for you to buy.

“This is not a toy! This is a limited edition art project,” the box reads.

Back in March, Egg Boy (17) hurled an egg at Fraser Anning’s head after Anning blamed the Christchurch shooting on Muslim immigration. Yes. He blamed the victims of the crime.

Connolly received an official warning from police for this antics, but no formal charges were pressed.

He took to Twitter to share his thoughts following the ordeal, continuing to spread his egg-covered message of acceptance.

“Let me inform you all guys, Muslims are not terrorists and terrorism has no religion. All those who consider Muslims a terrorist community have empty heads like Anning,” he tweeted. “#EggBoy #eggAnning.”

Egg Boy is an Australian icon, and now you can (possibly) own your own Egg Boy. Now the only question is, where the fuck do I buy one?