In Better News, Fraser Anning Was Declared Bankrupt On The Exact Anniversary Of His Egging

Finally, some good news in this otherwise flaming hot hellworld: Disgraced former Senator Fraser Anning was declared formally bankrupt in Federal Court yesterday, with debts of $185,000 being chased by both Adelaide and Bendigo Banks.

In even better scenes, the March 16th date of the court ruling also just-so-happens to be the exact one-year anniversary of Anning getting a shiny egg hammered into his thick scone by Melbourne teen/national hero Will Connolly, in a moment which elevated the young lad to god-like Egg Boy status.

Anning, who was not present at the court hearing yesterday, will have his estate wound up under the court order, with court costs totalling $12,400 also set to saddled to him.

The former One Nation/Katter Party/His Own Dumbfuck Party Senator was already subject to the bankruptcy procedures when he ingloriously entered Parliament in late 2017 thanks to renowned brain genius Malcolm Roberts copping a Section 44 whack. However Anning entered an agreement with creditors to place a stay on proceedings at the time. Those proceedings ramped up again following Anning’s dumping from Parliament last year, when he was booted by voters at the Federal Election, receiving less than 0.1% of a senatorial quota.

Anning, for whatever it’s worth, has been more or less “off the grid” since losing the election. He is currently believed to be living somewhere in the United States.

Unsurprisingly, he has not publicly commented on the bankruptcy matter.