Will Connolly, also known as Egg Boy, has copped a proper frying online after commenting on opinionated tortoise Joe Rogan‘s anti-Australia post with a rather questionable call for him to come and save us. How the mighty have fallen, etc etc.

In case you forgot, because this year has truly been a decade-long, Connolly was the teen who famously egged controversial politician Fraser Anning in 2019, and quickly became a national hero after doing so.

In July of this year, Egg Boy was called out for sharing COVID testing misinformation, and claiming that the swabs don’t work, and merely pick up the common flu.

“Jaw dropped reading this today,” he captioned the post with misinformation.

“CDC (centre for disease control) found out the creator of the PCR test (nose swab) Kary Mullis who has a Nobel prize in chemistry said the same thing. His words.

What does this mean for every positive test found all around the world?”

Now, he’s continued his disappointing streak of what seems to be the consumption of conspiracy theory rhetoric, and has commented on a Joe Rogan post asking him to “help us”, with us being all of Australia.

And yes, the post he commented on was *that* Joe Rogan post, in which he called a satirical Gruen ad about the vaccine “the absolute dumbest propaganda.”

Who is the absolute dumbest now, my friend?

Anyway, here’s Egg Boy’s comment.

egg boy joe rogan

Although there were some people cheering on Egg Boy for “coming to save us” and bringing attention toward’s Australia’s ‘police state’ regime by calling for Joe Rogan to intervene, there were also quite a few comments dragging him for filth.

“How do you go from throwing eggs at Fraser Anning to this?” asked one Instagrammer.

Mate, I’m thinking the exact same thing.

Some folks online reckon that this isn’t really surprising given Egg Boy’s alleged history with Joe Rogan content. Here are some tweets from July this year, in which people share their disappointment in Egg Boy sharing Rogan vids.

Now look, it’s not exactly fair to hold Egg Boy to some heroic standard in this country, but when he goes from egging the most eggable man in politics (at the time) to peddling conspiracy theories and asking Joe Rogan for help on the internet, one must question what went wrong.

If you need me, I’m going to be mourning the loss of the Egg Boy that could’ve been. Who shifted the timelines to end us up here?

Image: Getty Images / Michael S. Schwartz