Fraser Anning, Morally Bankrupt, Is Reportedly On The Verge Of Actual Bankruptcy

Fraser Anning

Dried up lemon Fraser Anning is reportedly on the brink of bankruptcy, over unpaid debts to Bendigo Bank.

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Bendigo Bank has reportedly filed an application with the Federal Court in Adelaide to have Anning placed in bankruptcy, ABC Investigations reports. Anning reportedly amassed an eye-watering debt of $185,000 after he invested in a dodgy agribusiness scheme.

The man himself is said to be overseas at the moment, visiting his daughters in the United States of A. Sources told the ABC that they aren’t too sure when he’ll return, which is awkward since he’s due in court September 17.

Interestingly, this isn’t Anning’s first clash with the bank. In October 2017, Bendigo Bank reportedly settled a dispute with him right before he entered parliament.

The former pollie was booted from the Senate after he failed to be re-elected in May’s federal election. 

Anning’s head was famously propelled into international headlines after Will Connolly, dubbed Egg Boy, smashed an egg on Anning’s head, following his incredibly vile response to the Christchurch terror attacks.

At the time, a petition demanding his removal from parliament attracted over one million signatures. In the end, 1,492,248 people signed the cause.

Thoughts and prayers.