Greta Thunberg Raises Global Temperatures By Absolutely Torching Andrew Bolt

Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg has challenged Australian columnist Andrew Bolt‘s assertions she is “deeply disturbed” and has “so many mental disorders,” saying his recent attack is part of the “hate and conspiracy campaigns” against the realities of climate change.

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It’s a narrative so familiar it’s exhausting. In a recent column in The Herald Sun, longtime climate denier Bolt argued that institutions such as the UN and European parliaments should ignore the 16-year-old Swede because of her diagnoses.

Suffice to say, Bolt goes on to assert Thunberg is unfit to lead a burgeoning youth movement.

In turn, Thunberg, who references living with Asperger’s syndrome on her Twitter profile, declared the only thing she’s “deeply disturbed” by is the fact that, you know, we’re steering the planet into an inescapable death spiral unless we make drastic changes to nearly every facet of our culture.

Bolt has form in climate denialism (including this pearler, in which he defended nuclear power generation of renewable sources by claiming the Chernobyl disaster wasn’t so bad), but straight-up attacking the issue’s global spokesperson due to her diagnoses is pretty gnarly.

Make no mistake, we here at PEDESTRIAN.TV are known to absolutely rag on children.

We’ve never done so while thinly masking our terror at the fact a young opponent might actually be right, and that their influence greatly overshadows our own.