Aussie Hero Egg Boy Donates Nearly $100K To Families Of Christchurch Victims

Scott Marsh

The only true good bloke, Egg Boy, known to his friends and family as Will Connolly, has continued his streak of good blokemanship by donating the entirety of the money raised for his legal funds to the Christchurch Foundation and Victims Support.

In case you’ve been living under an eggless rock, Connolly rose to hero status back in March, when he slapped a raw egg onto the bald and racist head of eternal fuckwit Fraser Anning during a press conference at a Conservative National Party rally.

The simple and staggeringly coolly-executed egging struck a chord with the people of Australia – and the world – coming in the wake of Anning’s appalling comments on the recent terrorist attack in Christchurch which left more than 50 people dead.

Immediately after the egging, and Connolly’s subsequent detainment by police, two GoFundMe pages were set up to raise funds to cover his legal fees (and to ‘buy more eggs’). As Connolly explains in an Instagram post, he was represented by Gordon Legal for free, and as such had no need for the money raised.

So what does the future prime minister of Australia do? He donates it all – a full $99,932.36 – to the families of the Christchurch shooting victims.

He says in his Insta post that he was finally able to make the donation after wading through “a huge amount of red tape“.

Finally!!! After a huge amount of red tape,$99,922.36 has today been transferred to the Christchurch Foundation and Victims Support.
For those of you who don’t know, there were 2 Go Fund Me pages set up to help cover the cost of my legal fees and to ‘buy more eggs’. Gratefully, Gordon Legal acted probono for me so I don’t have any legal fees. I decided to donate all monies to help provide some relief to the victims of the massacre… it wasn’t mine to keep. I want to thank Corey and @sajjad12345 who set up the funds and every single person who donated to the money and made this possible. To the victims of the Tragedy, I whole heartedly hope that this can bring some relief to you.

Keep spreading the love. ❤️????????

God bless you, Egg Boy. Let’s put him on the $5 note.