Lawyers Say Egg Boy Won’t Press Charges Against Fraser Anning

Fraser Anning, Egg Boy

The lawyer representing Will Connolly – or Egg Boy, as you probably know him – has told media the Australian teen won’t be pressing chargers against Senator Fraser Anning, the man who will only ever be remembered for being overtly racist and for being famously egged in the head by Egg Boy.

Connolly became a viral sensation over the weekend after he filmed himself walking up, and smashing an egg into, the head of the Australian senator.

[jwplayer 6DM1zWJx]

Queensland senator Anning had sparked controversy for his very stupid and racist comments in the wake of the Christchurch terror attack. He has been rightfully condemned by pretty much everyone, from Australian prime minister Scott Morrison, to Peter Dutton, to Piers Morgan.

Anning lashed out twice at Connolly when the teenager egged him, before Connolly was tackled and pinned down by supporters of Anning’s Conservative National Party.

One of the four dudes who held the 17-year-old Connolly down in a variety of headlocks, Neil Erikson, has a warrant for his arrest out in New South Wales for tormenting a Gosford church. Cool!

Connolly’s lawyer, Peter Gordon, told media that he and his team would be acting in a pro bono nature and that any money that had been crowdfunded to pay for the teenager’s legal defence would instead go to the families of the victims of the Christchurch attack.

“Will’s focus at the moment is on cooperating with the police,” said Gordon. “I can confirm he will be speaking with police later today.”

Asked if Connolly was hurt in the altercation, Gordon said the footage “was there for the world to see.”