The Age Has Apologised For Publishing A Letter Calling Georgie Tunny A ‘Natural Young Woman’

The Age Georgie Tunny letter

The Age has apologised after it published a reader’s letter in its TV guide which commented on the appearance of a weather reporter.

The reader’s letter, published this morning by The Age (whose parent company, Nine Entertainment Co., also wholly owns this publication), referred to ABC reporter and presenter Georgie Tunny as “a breath of fresh air”.

“Am I seeing things? A lovely natural young woman, not a bottle blonde with eyelash extensions or rounded cleavage presenting the weather forecast on ABC News?” it read.

A pic of the letter was then shared on Twitter by fellow ABC reporter Virginia Trioli on Thursday morning.

“The kind of letter that The Age Green Guide sees fit to publish – because you can simply never talk too much about how women on TV look,” she wrote, with her post clocking hundreds of likes within hours.

The editor of The AgeGay Alcorn, has since apologised in a statement to

“It was an inappropriate letter that should not have been published,” Alcorn said.

“We apologise to our readers and Ms Tunny.”

Trioli, who posted the reader’s letter on Twitter, is no stranger to cursed comments from viewers herself.

People have written in (often by hand) to criticise everything from her appearance to her choice of words to her supposedly “annoying” habits.

It’s weird, it’s gross and it’s good that it’s being called out.