On The Project tonight, a transgender teenager called Georgie Stone was interviewed by the panel on the topic of the Safe Schools review, and her stories were heartbreaking. 

Georgie’s an LGBTQI advocate, and spoke of the horrible incidents she faced at school when she was just 9 years old. She speaks of being abused and mocked by her peers, and being yelled at after she was forced to use the male changing rooms during a swimming carnival. 

She says that changing schools helped massively, and that she saw a world of difference when the program by the Safe Schools Coalition came in in 2012. 

Georgie obviously knew she was transgender from a very young age, as do many young people. Which is why certain ‘concerns’ about the Safe Schools program being deemed ‘not age appropriate’ are absolute bollocks. The program should be available to any young person – it is not up to politicians to decide what age is “appropriate” for kids to discover their sexuality or gender. 

VIC Premier Daniel Andrews actually met Georgie at her school a few days ago, and posted a wonderful photo of her to his Facebook page:

I met Georgie today.She’s a Year 10 student who used to face the worst kind of bullying in the schoolyard. But now…

Posted by Daniel Andrews on Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Watch the full segment of Georgie on The Project below:

AUTHOR NOTE: Georgie, thank you so much for sharing your stories. From one LGBTQI woman to another, I know how hard it is sharing these things, and I can’t imagine ever sharing mine on national television. I never had the Safe Schools program when I was at school, but I can see the difference it’s made to my younger friends, and I know that if I’d had that support, it would have saved me years of severe pain, mental anguish and illness. 

You are a pillar of strength, and your passion and vigour is appreciated and necessary for the LGBTQI community to continue fighting the good fight, and especially tackling this awful review by the Australian government. We’re very proud of you. Keep speaking truth.

Source: The Project