Get A Load Of This ‘4-Bed Unit’ In Syd Which Is Nothing More Than Dwight Schrute’s Wet Dream

sydney rental listing office convert marrickville

Have you ever had the desire to live out your Dwight Schrute dreams with a sleepover in an office? Well, good news for you because for a mere $850 a week, not only can you do that but you could live in a shitty definitely-not-meant-for-residential-purposes office in the heart of Sydney’s inner west. Bleak!

The Syd rental is listed as a “four-bedroom unit” that comes with a full kitchen and two toilets with a showroom (???) which sounds relatively normal, right? Sure, it was also listed as a commercial property in November but let’s not let the facts get in the way of a truly cooked rental ad.

It’s the photos that are the smoking gun of whatever the fuck this “apartment” is meant to be. My good friends, I do not think this is purpose-built for living in.

marrickville unit rental office conversion
Oh no. [Image:]
I’ll be honest with you, it’s giving the Simpsons episode where Bart buys an entire warehouse at auction for a buck.

sydney rental listing office convert marrickville
Sold! For a buck! [Image: The Simpsons]
I know that warehouse conversions have been all the rage for a while but an office conversion — if you could call it that — is truly something else. The lone phone on the wall. The random powerpoints are definitely outlets for a conferencing system or something. The too-worn carpet. It’s all there.

marrickville unit rental office conversion
Oh dear. [Image:]
I suppose these are meant to be bedrooms which is mildly horrifying. Imagine how thin those walls are, let alone the fact they’re almost entirely windows and give you next to no privacy.

marrickville unit rental office conversion
OH NO. [Image:]
It’s the camp bed and weird crash mat mattress for me. Where do you put your things? How can you have a cheeky hungover wank? Literally, what is going on with this entire Syd unit? It’s giving… actually I don’t even know what it’s giving at this point. Not a lot, that’s for sure.

So if you want to live in whatever this is (good luck to ya) you can maybe rent it for a prime $850 a week — that’s $212.50 if you split it with three mates. It seems the inspection has been cancelled though so maybe someone’s given the landlord the heads up that you kinda can’t get people to reside in a slapped-together office.

Or maybe it’s already been rented out, heaven forbid.