The Office Just Shared A Deleted Cold Open Featuring Dwight In An Elaborate Matrix Prank

The Office

The Office, still wildly popular despite ending its run nearly a decade ago, recently landed on the Peacock streaming service in the US, and to commemorate this, the show revealed a previously-unseen cold open involving a Matrix-themed prank.

Jim (John Krasinski) pulling slightly asshole-ish pranks on Dwight (Rainn Wilson) was a running theme of The Office, and this one, which was originally intended for the show’s series finale, is one of the most elaborate of all.

In it, Jim and Pam (Jenna Fischer) attempt to convince Dwight that he’s in The Matrix with the help of some black cats, and security guard Hank (Hugh Dane, who passed away in 2018). You can see it all play out below:

Earlier this year, Rainn Wilson met up with super-fan Billie Eilish, who revealed that she had recently finished watching the show for a fifteenth time.

He quizzed her on various arcane bits of trivia related to his character, and gently suggested that “it’s time to move on to another show” after learning how many times she’d watched.

Referring to his friend William Eyelash, Wilson said:

“She’s a huge Office fan, but I know her to be creative, I know her to be compassionate, I know her to be thoughtful and kind and passionate and fiery. She’s certainly inspiring to a lot of people that follow her and so I’m really lucky to have her on the show.”

All nine seasons of The Office are streaming locally on Stan.