Watch Rainn Wilson Challenge Billie Eilish To The Ultimate ‘Office’ Quiz 

Billie Eilish

In a video for Billboard, Rainn Wilson – AKA Dwight Schrute – dropped by Billie Eilish / William Eyelash‘s house to give the super-stan the ultimate The Office quiz.

[jwplayer W7JCDnGm]

Eilish is a huge fan of The Office – she’s watched the show a solid 12 times, sampled part of the episode Threat Level Midnight on her tune ‘my strange addiction’, played the theme song between sets on her 2017 tour, and as she told Wilson: “I take dumps watching The Office.’ 

So to see if she really does live up to the title of No. 1 The Office Fan in The World, Wilson put her to the test.

“William Eyelash,” he says to kick things off. “I hear you’re a pretty big Office fan, bring it.” 

Despite choking at first, from the sheer intimidation of sitting opposite Dwight Schrute, Eilish showed off her knowledge from Toby‘s daughter’s name to the name of Jan‘s candle company.

Oh, and:

“Before we move onto the quotes, I have to ask,” Wilson says, “which song did you write for Dwight: ‘Ocean Eyes’ or ‘Bad Boy’?”

“‘Ocean Eyes’,” Billie answers.

“True. Correct, you’re correct.”

For her efforts, Eilish was awarded a yoghurt lid medal.

Last month, Wilson first teased the lil’ project after he posted two pictures of he and Eilish on social media.

“I met one of the most intense OFFICE fans of all time, William Eyelash aka @WhereAreTheAvocados,” he wrote. “She won a yoghurt lid medal for her preposterous knowledge of the show. What an honour. This is a remarkable young human being that touches hearts, blows minds and F*%#nROCKS!”