Did A Woman Really Once Eat Her Man’s Ass In The Middle Of Sydney? Let’s Ass-ess The Evidence

public sex act ass eating harris farm potts point sydney

Good morning anilinguys, salad tossers and other booty-rockin’ bitches. Today we’re looking back at that time a woman dined on a fresh course of anoos in the middle of Sydney’s Potts Point.

According to The Daily Telegraph, NSW Police launched an investigation after multiple reports of a young couple who dropped drawers and engaged in a “graphic” sex act.

In fact, the sex act has been described by publications as “depraved”, “obscene” and “too graphic for The Daily Telegraph to detail”, but luckily you’ve come to P.TV, where no sexy stone remains unturned.

The rimmy neutron duo was reportedly spotted in the middle of Potts Point engaging in the “shocking” act, right in front of Harris Farm Markets and just a hop and a skip from the Potts Point Hotel.

Nothing like a park bench to inspire a bit of illegal outdoor activity. The absolute pinnacle of horny locales.

And yes friends, there is footage, which has been obtained by The Daily Telegraph for your sick viewing pleasure. It’s blurred, so don’t get too fkn excited, freak.

potts point anilingus
Guys? Ass eating? Right in front of my Harris Farm salad?

In the vid, you can clearly hear disgusted onlookers yelling “what the fuck” once they notice that right in front of their pan-fried Atlantic salmon is some colon climbing on display.

I mean, I don’t get why the other publications were so shooketh by this ass eating act to the point of not even naming it. The woman is clearly just fine dining on some tush.

Gross as hell to do it in public, but not the most “depraved” thing that they could have been doing, really. Friends, take your public sex kink to a beachy area surrounded by mangroves or something. This is not the place to be Potts Pointing your tongue into someone’s caboose.

potts point cunnilingus
Really rivals the Mona Lisa, in my opinion.

Sure this all happened on January 26, but I absolutely had to investigate what the pair were doing after everyone and their nonna were clutching their pearls over it.

Clearly more journalists need to become accustomed to getting their engines inspected. Not as wild as you’d think.