Hold Onto Your Sparklers Mates, Looks Like The Sydney NYE Fireworks May Be Claimed By COVID-19

It looks like the iconic Sydney NYE fireworks display may be axed thanks to COVID-19, so what on Earth will I have playing on my telly in the background during the countdown now??

In a chat with The Today Show on Wednesday, Deputy Premier John Barilaro said that although he was hopeful that the event can go ahead, he cannot see any possible way that it could work under current restrictions.

“I don’t want to see it happen but the reality is, mate, how can you attract one million people to the harbour shores and do it in a safe way?” he asked. “We know it won’t happen… the risk is far too high.

He also suggested that the whole affair just be axed now, so that families don’t have to plan their trip around a fireworks show that may not exist.

“Many families will be making decisions about what they do over Christmas and New Years,” he said.

“They will be booking restaurants, cafes, hotel, accommodation at a significant cost to family budgets. If the drawcard is the fireworks and then you made a final decision to not go ahead with it, that would be the wrong thing to do.”

The City of Sydney website has also issued a message on the matter.

“Sydney New Year’s Eve is a global event much loved by local and international visitors, and our celebrations are recognised as among the best in the world,” the message read.

“Health and safety are paramount for our community, and it may not be responsible to encourage large crowds to our foreshore this year.

“We’re currently working with the NSW Government to determine the future of the event for 2020.”

Here’s hoping that the Sydney NYE Fireworks are looked at carefully when making a decision. I mean, watching those beauties go off above a completely empty crowd is going to be a tragic way to call in 2021.