Sydney Fireworks To Go Off Three Times This NYE

As the world gets ready to count in 2015, Sydney is preparing itself to be the crown jewel in ‘Straya’s crown with its annual display of shit blowing up over an illuminated Harbour Bridge.  But this year, there’s a twist; organisers have confirmed that there will be three displays of pyrotechnics as opposed to the traditional 9pm and midnight ones.

The additional 10:40pm display has been labeled the ‘Inspire’ moment, which is probably City of Sydney’s way of distracting inspiring millions of people at vantage points away from making out with someone they don’t want to see on January 1. It forms part of a seven tonne haul that includes 11,000 shells and 25,000 shooting comets. Basically, it’s going to rule and New York can shove it. 
Pyrotechnician Fortunati Foti had this to say about the oracular spectacular: “Even at $7.2 million, that works out to about $4 per person who comes and watches, which is a pretty cheap form of entertainment really.”


Mate, you’re under-selling it. That’s cheaper than a Happy Meal.
See you on the Harbour. 
Picture via Getty / Joosep Martinson