Sydney & Melbourne Traded Choice Barbs On Twitter And The Best City Won

Corporate or organisation business social media accounts bickering with each other: Ordinarily, kinda naff. A bit blasé. Kind of a pain in the butt.

But sometimes, once in a while, the haymaker lands an almighty blow and the burn must be recognised and acknowledged.

If you stood near anyone even remotely associated with Victoria late last week you’ve would’ve heard about how Melbourne scored the title of ‘World’s Most Liveable City‘ for an unprecedented seventh year in a row.

The Victorian capital took out the global top gong yet again, while Sydney took a tumble in the rankings all the way down to eleventh.

Melbourne, being the hub of humility that it is, celebrated the win via the City of Melbourne Twitter feed, which decided to have itself a little humblebrag last Friday after the announcement.

Christ. It might be the World’s Most Liveable city, but it’s certainly making a case for the world’s most insufferable social media presence with shit like that.

Sydney, sensing the opportunity to get some of their own back, attempted to return serve via a tried and true meme format.

Oh god. Oh god. I’ve walked into more than my share of obvious walls, but even I know not to leave myself *that* wide open.

Melbourne, unflinching, then summarily ethered its northern mate.

Here lies the City of Sydney’s Twitter account: Struck down as dead as the nightlife inside the lockout zone.