Condé Nast Traveler has officially released its annual Readers’ Choice Awards lineup, which every year looks to name the best cities in the world, and Sydney has landed in the top ten. No sight of Melbourne on the list though, which is yet another thing that Victorians will have to deal with in 2020.

For the third year in a row, Sydney has made it onto the official Best Cities in the World list, which really makes you stop and think about how incredible the city actually is. Also, it’s just good to beat out Melbourne for once, which always seems to come out on top in these rankings.

The Readers’ Choice Awards pull in quite a few votes every year, and this year over 600,000 readers participated to have their say.

In the 2018 Readers’ Choice Awards, Melbourne came in as the third best city in the world, while Sydney was way back in the sixth spot. At the time, Condé Nast described good old Melbs as having” all of the traits you’d want in a friend”. I guess friendship over with Melbourne, huh?

Look at her glow.

In 2019 Sydney came tenth, while in 2020 we have scored the coveted fourth-place position. Yeehaw Sydneysiders, we did it! I guess this is what Melburnians get for not spelling it like ‘Melbournians’.

The magazine described Sydney in 2020 as “an ideal getaway no matter the season”, and bragged about Redleaf, dining in Paddington, and the ferry to Manly. It also strangely called it “Australia’s answer to Montauk,” which is definitely something that only an American could ever conjure up.

Above Sydney is Singapore in third-place, Lyon (France) in second place and Kyoto as 2020’s best city in the entire world. Following Sydney is Vienna, Tokyo, Porto, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Lisbon in that order.

Maybe next time, Melbourne.

Yep, you may have noticed that Melbourne didn’t even make the top ten, which is such a far cry from where the city usually sits on the list. Maybe the course of 2020 had something to do with where it landed. I mean, even Karen from Brighton is fleeing the place.

Now if you don’t mind me, I am going to go enjoy living in the fourth-best city this Earth has to offer.

Image: Getty Images / Davis Trood