SUCK IT SYDNEY: Melbourne Is The World’s Most Liveable City Yet Fkn Again

Victorians, time to smugly walk around with an air of satisfaction about yourselves yet again; Melbourne is officially the World’s Most Liveable City yet a-bloody-gain.

The Victorian capital has taken out the title, bestowed upon the Good City™ by the annual ‘Global Liveability Survey‘ compiled by The Economist for a record-breaking seventh consecutive year.

Melbourne’s win this year comes on the back of a liveability index of 97.5 out of a possible 100; a score that has not changed in the 12 months since the list was compiled last year.

The Economist puts together the yearly list, rating cities on a number of key factors, with Melbourne scoring 95 in stability, 95.1 in culture and environment, and perfect 100s in education, infrastructure (debatable), and healthcare.

Unsurprisingly, the announcement has been met with rapturous applause from both Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle and Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.

In a statement to media, Doyle extolled the city as “not perfect,” but one that is working constantly to maintain its own very high standards:

There will always be naysayers and whingers, and of course we are not perfect. No great world city is, but we should be very proud of the work we all do together to make Melbourne the best city in the world.

We do not take this title for granted and work constantly to ensure we are protecting and enhancing our liveability for future generations.

Meanwhile, Andrews took to social media a short while ago to congratulate the Victorian capital.

Melbourne’s seventh consecutive win is the most wins in-a-row any city has accumulated in the history of the liveability survey.

Sydney, however, didn’t fare quite as well, falling out of the top 10 this year to 11th spot overall, largely due to stability concerns.

All five Australian cities included in the survey managed to score top 20 finishes, with Adelaide coming in at equal 5th, Perth scoring 7th spot, Sydney at the aforementioned 11th, and Brisbane in 16th place.

The top three of Melbourne, Vienna, and Vancouver remains in place.

Peep the top 10, and their scores, as follows.

1. Melbourne (97.5)
2. Vienna (97.4)
3. Vancouver (97.3)
4. Toronto (97.2)
5. Calgary (96.6)
5. Adelaide (96.6)
7. Perth (95.9)
8. Auckland (95.7)
9. Helsinki (95.6)
10. Hamburg (95.0)

Melbourne has now won the award every year since 2011. Prior to that, Vancouver took out the top mark outright for six consecutive years prior. The only other city to win World’s Most Liveable in the survey is Vienna, who jointly took the award out with Vancouver and Melbourne in 2003.

There’s still no bloody rail link to the airport or anything but y’know, you take the wins when you get them.