KEEPIN’ IT 3000: Melbourne Named The World’s Most Liveable City Yet Again

My fellow Melburnians, try to keep it all in check; no one likes an ungracious winner.

Keep it cool. Calm. In check. We’re all professionals he-AHAHAHA YOU BLOODY BEAUTY SIX IN A ROW. SIX IN A ROWWWWW.
For the sixth consecutive year, the Victorian capital has been named the World’s Most Liveable City, according to the annual Economic Intelligence Unit‘s global liveability survey.
Melbs narrowly beat out perennial rivals Vienna and Vancouver to once again top the survey, which rates cities based on key performance indicators such as healthcare, education, stability, culture, environment, and infrastructure.
Whilst The Economist does tend to rely on old data from time to time (the crime rate statistic it used to measure that particular metric was for the 2013/14 year, which obviously doesn’t factor in a 10% overall rise in crime for Melbourne since then), the city did score perfect 100s in areas like healthcare and infrastructure. We assume this means they assessed Princes St at the dead of night and the city’s public transport network at lunchtime.
Half-sarcastic chiding aside, Melbourne’s rating of 97.5 has not changed since the city ascended the lofty throne of World’s Most Liveable in 2011.
Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle got right around their beloved town on Twitter when the report was handed down earlier this morning.

The big drop for the list this year, believe it or not, was Sydney.
The Harbour City tumbled four places, falling outside of the top ten, landing on its new spot of 11th overall. The drop in rating was due to a “heightened perceived threat of terrorism,” according to the report.
Elsewhere, both Adelaide and Perth managed to retain their top ten status in the list, with the City of Churches tying for 5th with Calgary, and the WA capital scoring outright 7th.
The full top ten list is as follows:
1. Melbourne – 97.5
2. Vienna – 97.4
3. Vancouver – 97.3
4. Toronto – 97.2
5. Calgary – 96.6
5. Adelaide – 96.6
7. Perth – 95.9
8. Auckland – 95.7
9. Helsinki – 95.6
10. Hamburg – 95.0
11. Sydney – 94.9

But hey, it’s ok Sydney. There’s no need to feel bad. Shouting loudly about how good we are is kinda part of Melbourne’s schtick. We need to do it. It’s how we get through our ridiculous weather that can never decide if it’s hot or cold.
Meanwhile, all y’all are up there like:

Although that said, it is our solemn southern duty at this juncture to reiterate…

Six in a row, bitches.

Source: Economic Intelligence Unit.
Photo: Barcroft Media/Getty.