Melbourne Vs Sydney Debate Settled In “Most Livable City” Report

Third times the charm, as Melbourne takes out the world’s most liveable city title once again in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Report. Sucked in, Sydney! Third year running!

Melbourne edged out the now number two city Vienna in 2011, and has held on to the top spot ever since. Melbourne’s top of the table placing was thanks to perfect scores in health care, education and infrastructure, as well as its truly excellent pop culture commentators, and that place on Exhibition St that does the amazing rice paper rolls.

Melbournites can multi-tier their hometown pride with a little home nation pride, as Adelaide, Sydney and Perth all made it into the top 10, which looks like this:

1. Melbourne, Australia
2. Vienna, Austria  
3. Vancouver, Canada
4. Toronto, Canada
5. Calgary, Canada
6. Adelaide, Australia
7. Sydney, Australia
8. Helsinki, Finland
9. Perth, Australia   
10. Auckland, New Zealand

Sadly, many of the lowest scores in the report can be attributed to regional conflict, with war-torn Damascus, Syria, taking out the lowest position.

The ceremony at which the award was given was tainted, unfortunately, when Melbourne took the opportunity to strip down to a latex bikini and twerk wildly on stage.