Sydney: Insta’s Reigning Burgerlord Is Doing A Cheesy AF Pop-up Tomorrow

Lactose-intolerant people: look away now, because we are being legit as hell when we say that just looking at this article will make you feel unwell. 
Instagram Burgerlord and legend behind the helm of Melbourne burger joint Easey’s, Jimmy Hurlston, is letting Sydney have some of the fun by heading a one night only pop-up – he’ll be dishing up the cheesiest burger you’ve ever goddamn seen in your goddamn life. 
The man knows his burgers. He has eaten thousands of them. No burger is too much. He once described a burger he ate as, “inspired by angels. The type of angels that care for you when you’re sick… The type of angels that would give up a date with Drake @champagnepapi to take care of you.” He likes burgers more than you like Emily Ratajkowski. 
Jimmy doesn’t mess around people: here are some of his most ridiculous, most drool worthy, and most tantalising creations:

I don’t normally post pictures of burgers I didn’t eat but I did make this one. Yesterday @hulksmashfood came to hang and watch NFL. Here’s what he had to say: So today was pretty bloody awesome, I was invited down to @easeys by the Burger Lord himself @jimmysburgers where he had a special creation waiting for me. Constructed by combining everything on the Easey’s Menu into one glorious Frankenstein. THE TIMETABLE BURGER •Double Beef Patty •Sausage Patty •Deep Fried Changaz Chicken Fillet •Frosties Fried Chicken •Chicken Tenderloins •Tonnes of Bacon •Tonnes of Cheese •Potato Cake •Potato Rosti •Dim Sim •Maple Corn Fritters •Deep Fried Chocolate Pop Tart •Hot Chips •Layers of Mac’n’Cheese •Egg •Layers of Chilli Con Carne •Mayo •Mustard •Fried Chicken and Mac’n’Cheese Doughnut •Chilli Con Carne and Four Cheese Doughnut •Blue Heaven Custard Doughnut This really was one tasty Burger, the continual flavour changes made this Burger surprisingly easy to eat. All the ingredients were totally on point, but I’m so glad I left the Blue Heaven Custard Doughnut until last as it was out of this world orgasmic. Can’t thank @jimmysburgers enough for having me down today. @easeys is a fantastic venue, Beer, Burgers and NFL what more could you want? I can’t wait to get back there 😛 ?????? #friends #lunch #dinner #f4f #instalike #smile #fun #tbt #yummy #like4like #like #instamood #follow #followme #photooftheday #followback #foodgasm #follow4follow #life #foodporn #instagood #foods #instafollow #eating #food #instadaily #delicious #eat #love #picoftheday

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At his Sydney pop-up, he’s gonna be ruining your arteries with a whole new creation. And when we spoke to Jimmy today, he said that it’s gonna be cheesier than any burger he’s ever made before. 
We’ll be honest, we have absolutely no fucking clue how it gets cheesier than the above photos, but hell will freeze over before we miss out on that amount of fromage in one consumable dish, because cheese is the only thing that matters in life. Ja feel?
Jimmy also mentioned that alongside the cheese monstrosity, he’ll be serving chilli cheese fries, frosty Melbourne Bitter tinnies, and pickleback shots made with McClure’s Pickles. (He said you can order it with whatever spirit you want, but you should have it with a shot of Jameson if you wanna do it right.)
So, how about it Sydney? Is your chest feeling a little too free of heartburn? If so, you can eat all the foods with Jimmy at Civilian Bar & Kitchen from 5pm. 
You can find Civilian Bar & Kitchen @ 248 Palmer St, Darlinghurst. Burgers start flippin’ tomorrow (November 10th), from 5pm.
Image & story via Jimmy’s Burgers.