You Could Cop A Bite Of An Eggslut Burg At This Massive Sydney Festival

The Market Canopy at Sydney‘s Entertainment Quarter is going to get a lot meatier on 11 August, when it plays host to The Burger Expo.

[jwplayer xs5x3l7T]

The Burger Expo, hosted by dedicated burger app The Burger Collective, will be joining up with celeb chef Alvin Cailan, the founder of much hyped fast food institution Eggslut, and host of YouTube series The Burger Show.

It’s his first trip to Australia, where he’ll be creating one of his signature burgers just for the day. I’d hazard a guess it may have eggs in it. Just a theory.

Speaking to The Daily Tele yesterday, Cailan said that Eggslut will be branching into the Aussie market “sooner than later“: “Whichever city we choose, we will be happy to be a part of the Australian restaurant society.

The expo boasts a selection of the best slabs of meat you can find at burger joints around the country – from Sydney to Brissie to Melbourne.

Here’s a list of the burg connoisseurs, aside from your Eggslut hero, you’ll be able to taste test on the day: your proud locals, Loaded by BL, Happy Ending Burgers, Burger Point, Burger Head, and purveyors of gelato buns, Cremeria De Luca; Brissie’s Mondaze; and Melbourne’s Monroes.

On top of the food – so much food, I feel glutinous writing about it – there’ll be lawn bowls, interactive gaming, masterclasses, a chilli eating competition, and Sound Bites, which promises to combine burgers, beats and booze.

Folks I’m getting indigestion just looking at these delicious monstrosities.

Score tix to catch the Eggslut founder and gorge yourself on juicy buns for $6 a pop HERE.