‘Cos apparently we don’t have it easy enough with UberEats and all those other apps, fast food juggernaut KFC is launching the world’s first-ever drive-thru only KFC in [drum roll] Newcastle, NSW.

The store, which will open for trial in November, will allow punters to order their grub on the ol’ KFC app / website before picking it up at the store’s main window. According to news.com.au, this new KFC will house five drive-thru lanes but don’t fret, two of these lanes will still be the traditional order and pay process in case you’re feeling spontaneous and want to stuff your gob with grease. The other three will be for online orders only for peak on-the-go vibes. You can check out pictures of the concept store on news.com.au.

KFC chief marketing officer Kirsti Woolrych told the publication that the company had seen digital ordering double every year over the past five years.

“What that shows is people are looking for faster, easier, and more convenient options, and the drive-through only format gives us the opportunity to connect with what is a faster and more seamless ordering experience with a faster and more seamless collect experience,” she said.

If all goes well for the Colonel in Newy, similar stores will start popping up around Australia.

In related news, the team recently launched the limited edition Triple Stacker which consists of three (3!!!) Zinger fillets, bacon, cheese, and a whole heap of sauces. It is a big boy, too big you might say. Big enough to wipe five years off your life.

Take a peek at it below, if you dare.