The First Official Peek At The Bob’s Burgers Movie Has Been Served Up & It’s Buttered My Buns

bob's burgers movie official trailer

Butter your buns and jump behind the grill because the official trailer for the most anticipated movie of 2022 has landed — yeah that’s right you disgusting beautiful garbage angels, I’m talking about The Bob’s Burgers Movie.

It’s been a long decade of deliciousness from the Belcher family, and after 12 seasons we’re finally being served up a smorgasbord-sized serving of shenanigans. Apparently, it’s got everything: musical numbers, mysteries (ooh), adventure, a sinkhole, and Tina getting her ultimate dream of Jimmy Jr in his undies riding a horse.

You’re definitely not alone if you fully waited for the “skip ad” button to pop up at the start only to realise that it’s actually the beginning of the trailer — it took me a hot second to figure that one out, too.

From what I can tell with the chaos of the trailer, we’re in for a beefed-out time. It looks like a big ol’ sinkhole appears out the front of the restaurant, hindering any kind of customers that Bob might get in to maybe try his burger of the week (read: Teddy).

If I’m piecing this together right, it appears they try for a “Bob Burger” pop-up out the front of the Wonder Wharf for its octa-wharfiversary (80 years of whatever the fuck Mr Fischoeder does), with Linda donning Gene’s beloved burger suit to drum up some interest. Sex sure does sell, so why can’t sexy burgers?

Truly The Bob’s Burgers Movie is exactly the brain bleach I’ve been waiting on for a long while. It’ll be a bit longer before we cop the whole thing though, with the film slated to hit Aussie cinemas on May 26.

Until then you lot can catch me rewatching all 12 seasons over on Disney+ for the 100-billionth time, and figuring out how I can sneak a keyboard (with fart settings activated) and a hot burger into the cinemas in a few months.