A Brisbane School Thought It Would Be A Good Idea To Hold Nappy-Changing Lessons On IWD


A Queensland school is under fire from parents after one of the activities it held on International Women’s Day was a nappy changing station.

Stretton State College in Brisbane posted a picture of students holding nappies while standing at a table that had several dolls on it, in an album of several photos of its IWD festivities.

Included in its celebrations were also cookie stalls, musical performances, and fundraisers for the Butterfly Foundation.

However, the nappy changing stall has been slammed for pushing motherhood onto teenage girls.

Kara Williams, a parent of two girls who attend the school, said she thought the activity was inappropriate.

“Yes, nappy changing is a practical skill that would be helpful. If an impending parent was to learn that’s fine. Definitely not a high school student,” she told Guardian Australia.

“Like why can’t we have guest speakers or activities focused on bigger issues rather than can you change a nappy?”

Williams said her daughters also found the stall “weird” and didn’t understand the point of it.

One student from the school told Guardian Australia they felt the stall was “dumb” and “hurtful”.

“Just makes me so mad that people connect women to nappy changing,” they said.

Another parent also complained to the publication, and said that she hoped her daughters would be encouraged to have careers in STEM or trades, as well as motherhood.

A spokesperson for the department of education said the school’s International Women’s Day assembly focussed on issues that affect women, like the gender pay gap and gender stereotypes.

“The activity in question was designed by the year 9 student cohort and welcomed all students to participate and challenge gender stereotypes,” they said.

They also clarified that the school had not received any complaints about it.