A Bot Account Is Torching Companies Posting About IWD By Sharing Their Own Gender Pay Gaps

international women's day gender pay gap bot

International Women’s Day (IWD) has rolled around once again. While women are being given weird platitudes, themed cupcakes and flowers from corporate brands and workplaces, we’re also the ones making the most noise — once again — to highlight just how much more work needs to be done to even come close to some sort of gender equality.

An automated Twitter bot account has been reposting companies’ International Women’s Day posts with their own gender pay gap, and how much it’s changed in the last 12 months — if it’s changed at all.

This bot account is truly going for the jugular, it’s stunning.

The account doesn’t just note Brands Behaving Badly though, it also highlights companies where the gender pay gap swings in favour of women, too.

BRB taking notes for where we all should be working to get that well-deserved coin.

Social media is awash with memes, stats and gags alike as women navigate another day that’s meant to be all about us while routinely still leaving the administrative and emotional labour of the day up to us.

It’s all pretty much equal parts informative, bitingly funny and wildly depressing — so let’s have a squiz at some of the best, shall we? Because sometimes all you can do is just post through it.

Bleak! We love to see it!

Now these are the real troops. Saluting all these chicks today.

Literally, who organised the cupcakes, morning tea or after-work wines for IWD today? That’s the real question.

Ah well, happy International Women’s Day to all the chicks, non-binary and gender-nonconforming folks out there — may you not have to lift a finger today and take all the free IWD cupcakes you so desire.