Happy IWD: An Australian Venture Capital Org Decided To Celebrate Women By Celebrating Men

Happy International Women’s Day to all you amazing ladies out there. I also want to give a very special shout out to a group of people who don’t get acknowledged enough, and that is, men in the financial industry.

Yes women get enough praise already, but you know who really needs it on today of all days? Middle-aged men who probably make six figures. C’mon you special men, come get the accolades you truly deserve.

*Gags then vomits a little in own mouth*

Ok, now that the sarcasm is out of the way – I assume you can only guess that on IWD a venture capital organisation has decided to celebrate men for some reason. Yes, an Australian firm called OneVentures, put up a pretty bizarre LinkedIn post (which has since been deleted) where they acknowledged that their company consists of an almost 50/50 split – but then used an image of nine men to showcase that??

Of course, they received a tonne of backlash for it. But even more bizarrely, they doubled down on the post and explained that they thought men should be acknowledged on this day too??

“OneVentures I can’t decide which is worse, if you realise or realise not that your company thumbnail features 9 men and 0 women,” LinkedIn member Kyle Turner wrote.

OneVentures then responded to the comment to explain why they decided to post an image of men, not women.

“Hi Kyle, sorry you don’t like the past, but as we’re profiling women for the rest of the week, we wanted to create some balance and recognise the men on our team too. We are striving for equity after all,” a spokesperson for OneVentures responded.


God bless the OneVentures social media team, because they are truly out of touch. I’m imagining a poor 21 year-old boy, fresh out of uni and trembling with nerves from all the heat they’re copping.

But thankfully, the company has issued a (sort of) apology on LinkedIn – so at least they’re trying to rectify the situation.


However, some of the comments on the new LinkedIn post are still not happy with the apology, saying that OneVentures has still missed the point.

“What an exquisitely poor take. Today is not about men. You shouldn’t have referenced them in the first post and you sure shouldn’t have in your “mea culpa”,” Digital Strategist Meg Coffey wrote.

Good god, what a shitshow!