Stormy Daniels Says Her Family Was Threatened Over Trump Affair Allegations

Stormy Daniels, the former porn star who alleges she had an affair with President Donald Trump back in 2006, says the safety of her family was threatened when she first offered her story to the media.

In her much-publicised 60 Minutes interview, Daniels explained that she felt pressured to drop her story when a stranger approached her and her young daughter in a Las Vegas car park in 2011.

Daniels said the man told her “leave Trump alone. Forget the story,” before turning to the infant child and saying “that’s a beautiful little girl. It’d be a shame if something happened to her mom.”

Five years later, just before the US election, Daniels said media offers to pay her for the story resurfaced. However, she recalls hastily signing a US $130,000 non-disclosure agreement proffered by Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen.

“I was concerned for my family and their safety,” Daniels said, adding “I didn’t even negotiate, I just quickly said yes to this very, you know, strict contract.”

Daniels has divulged details of her alleged encounter with Trump since filing a lawsuit alleging that Trump himself didn’t actually sign the non-disclosure agreement, rendering it invalid.

In the 60 Minutes interview, she echoed unpublished statements she provided to In Touch in 2011, including the allegation that she spanked Trump during their one and only sexual encounter, and that he said she reminded him of his daughter Ivanka Trump.

Trump has not directly denied the alleged encounter, which Daniels claims occurred shortly after the birth of his son Barron with wife Melania Trump. Still, his legal team continues to assert that Daniels is violating the non-disclosure agreement.

Still, the 60 Minutes interview represents Daniel’s most publicised allegations yet. Don’t expect this story to vanish any time soon.