Stormy Daniels Has Been Dragging MAGA Assholes On Twitter & It’s Glorious

Stormy Daniels, the porn star who allegedly had an affair with then-reality TV star Donald Trump, has been absolutely dragging MAGA assholes coming for her on Twitter.

It’s been said by someone far smarter than me that Stormy is swiftly becoming the only person with links to the Trump administration who’s going to walk away from this presidency with any sort of dignity. I wish I could remember who it was but the point stands. She’s holding her head up high while becoming embattled in what could well be one of the bigger scandals of Trump’s presidency: that he used election funds to pay off Stormy to keep quiet about their affair.

But all that attention has, of course, led a bunch of Pepe the Frog-toting, basement masturbating MAGA gronks to send her abuse on Twitter. And Stormy isn’t having a bar of it.

She’s spent the last few hours dragging these cretins on Twitter. It’s not the first time she’s clapped back, but fuck it, it’s a Wednesday, baby, and we’re alive.

Kicking things off is ‘Judy‘, otherwise known as @XenaWebPrincess. Follower count: 19. Went with a simple “slut” as some kind of insult.

And Stormy? Well she kept things nice and simple here.

8/10. Good, clean, appropriate for the insult.

Next up we have ‘Jim‘, whose full Twitter name includes #INDEPENDENCE, #BREXIT, #TRUMP and #ROBINSON. Frankly, you’re exhausting me Jim, and that’s before we even get to your terrible takes. Follower count: 1,519. Loves true crime podcasts and has an expired website in his bio.

And Stormy came in with an answer AND a fun trivia fact about herself.

Giving this a 7/10. Lacked something in the way of punch but overall a nice effort.

Now here’s ‘Mike Magro‘, also known as @inkedskindawg (must be a tough guy). Follower count: 518. Has a soldier standing in front of an eagle with the U.S. flag superimposed over it for his header pic.

And Stormy came back with the most horrifying thing I’ve seen yet, PLUS a calm and reasonable explanation of why this is such a big story.

9.5 / 10!!!!! I took off half a point for “hehe”. No one needed that, Stormy.

Next up, ‘Balen Gupta‘, otherwise known as @GuptaOU812. Has a picture of a cake with a slice cut out of it revealing the U.S. flag colours inside. Twitter bio says “#eating my cake and loving it”, which is both not quite the saying and probably untrue. Follower count: 467.

And Stormy comes in with pure rage.

Giving this one 9/10 for the humour, anger, and compelling arguments all rolled into one.

But this last one? It takes the goddamn cake (not the one from Balen Gupta’s Twitter pic, though). It’s from ‘Are You Rekt?‘, otherwise known as @CRYPTO_REKT_, an account that markets itself as “a group create(sic) for crypto enthusiast looking to cash in“. Follower count: 31.

We don’t know exactly what he said, because he literally deleted his tweet after Stormy came for him.

Judging by the replies, it was some misspelt version of: “You’re a whore. Get over yourself. I hope you get sued into oblivion.”

And Stormy, being her kind self, offered to edit his tweet for FREE.

11/10 FOR STORMY. Causing someone to delete their tweet because you corrected their spelling is wonderful power.

Anyway, that’s basically it for now. Elsewhere, her 2011 polygraph test which ‘confirmed’ her affair with Trump was released, and you can read all about it here.