Splendour In The Grass Cancellation Prompts Greens Senator To Call For More Music & Arts Funding

Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young has described the abrupt cancellation of Splendour In The Grass 2024 as a “reminder” for the government to further fund and support music and arts through the cost of living crisis.

On Wednesday, Aussie music fans were shocked after Splendour In The Grass — arguably one of the biggest music and arts events on the Australian calendar — was canned.

Although there was no official statement or reason as to why the festival was canned, some folks on social media have suggested that it was due to poor ticket sales and a lack of funds from the government.

Following the shocking news, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young of the Greens party took the issue to the Senate, calling for the government to step up and show their support for Australia’s festival and arts scene.

“Arts and music is such an important part of what makes life great,” Young said.

“It also is an important part of our economy. Thousands of people, because of today’s decision to cancel Splendour In The Grass will be out of work.

“Thousands of people will be scratching around thinking how they’re going to pay bills as artists who are involved in this festival or hospitality workers who keep the festival going.”

The senator continued to state that festivals were there during the fires, floods and COVID-19 and that it was time for the government to return that support.

After taking the issue to the Senate, Young released a statement, urging a second time for the government to consider funding for festivals and arts in the May Budget.

“Today’s shock cancellation of the beloved Splendour In The Grass Festival is yet another reminder that we need urgent funding to support festivals and the arts through the cost of living crisis,” the Senator stated.

“I am hopeful the Government will use the May budget to provide the support that festivals need to stay viable at this difficult time, and I have written to the Minister to that effect.

“Over the past two years a number of Australian festivals have collapsed or been cancelled due to skyrocketing inflation and difficulties with ticket sales in an uncertain economic environment.

“It’s clear that there is an urgent need for government support to keep the industry going through these uncertain economic times.”

Within her statement, the senator also listed the arts and music festivals that have been cancelled in Australia over the past two years. This included Groovin’ The Moo, Falls Festival, Pitch Festival, Vintage Vibes, Costal Jams and Dark MOFO.

Hours after news broke of the festival’s cancellation, Splendour In The Grass released a statement to the public, citing “unexpected events” as the reason behind its shock cancellation.

“With a heavy heart, we’re announcing the cancellation of Splendor In The Grass 2024, originally scheduled from Friday July 19 to Sunday July 21 in Ngarindjin/ North Byron Parklands,” the statement began.

“We know there were many fans excited for this year’s line-up and all the great artists planning to join us, but due to unexpected events, we’ll be taking the year off.

“Ticket holders will be refunded automatically by Moshtix. We thank you for your understanding and will be working hard to be back in future years.”

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Image source: Getty Images / Michael Masters and Mark Metcalfe