Refugee Protesters Threw Red Paint On Scott Morrison’s Car & Forced A Dramatic Police Escape

In amongst everything else that’s happened or happening today, Scott Morrison has copped remarkable scenes in Brisbane thanks to a handful of pro-refugee protestors who somehow managed to get extremely close to the PM.

Morrison is currently in Brisbane to, among other things, assist the opposition QLD Liberal Party on the campaign trail ahead of the state election later this month.

This morning, however, Morrison attended the University of Queensland for a brief tour of the institution’s new bio-engineering and nanotechnology facility. And it’s here that things got hairy.

According to reports from The New Daily, a group of around 50 pro-refugee protestors gathered at the building that Morrison was touring. The group formed a blockade and poured what appeared to be red paint on the Prime Minister’s official Government car, designated C1.

Following that, Morrison was confronted by members of the group as he exited the building, forcing attending police to bundle the Prime Minister into a divvy van in order to make a hasty escape. That scene was initially live streamed on Facebook, and has since been shared across social media.

The Refugee Solidarity Meanjin group has since taken ownership of the protest and confrontation, asserting that it was being done in protest of refugees being held in de facto detention at a motel in Kangaroo Point. Around 100 men were transferred to the motel from offshore detention centres under medevac laws in order to seek medical treatment. Their status remains in limbo.

Refugee Solidarity Meanjin stated on Twitter that “If you’re insulted by paint on a car, pause and reflect. Imagine being locked up for 8 years after committing no crime. Away from friends, family. After years on a horror camp, now in a tiny room in the city, waiting for medical care. Can’t leave for a walk. When is freedom?!” referencing the fact some of the men have been held by Australian authorities for allegedly as long as seven years.

The group also posted a photo of Morrison being bundled into the police car with the accompanying caption “Welcome to QLD.”

Neither Scott Morrison nor the Prime Minister’s office has issued public comment on the incident at this stage.