Scott ‘Compassion’ Morrison is Australia’s New Social Services Minister

While you were busy playing lawn bowls or sinking piss down by the water or otherwise doing whatever pre-Christmas thing you like to do, Prime Minister Tony Abbott was busy reshuffling his cabinet in time for the new year, and there have been some big changes.
ABC News report that the number of women in cabinet will double (to two – don’t go popping those champagne corks just yet) when Susan Ley takes over as Minister for Health and Sport.
Kevin Andrews will take over as Defense Minister, replacing David Johnston, while Peter Dutton will move to Immigration, and Ian Macfarlane will add science to his portfolio. 
The big news, however, is that Scott Morrison, who was heavily criticised for his lack of anything resembling compassion during his time as Immigration Minister, will take over as Social Services Minister.
The man who personally blocked a number of refugee claims will now be responsible for welfare, families, child care and the paid parental leave scheme.
Abbott says that the reshuffle is “an important opportunity to reset and refocus the Government to make the economic debate front and centre next year, to put Scott Morrison into an absolutely critical domestic portfolio.”
Twitter actually literally can’t even:

Photo: Stefan Postles via Getty Images