That fella from down under has confirmed in a radio interview that yes, US President Joe Biden does know his name. In fact, they’re best friends, actually. The best of pals, the greatest of mates, by the way. (If you say so, mate.)

Joining Ben Fordham on 2GB Radio on Friday, Biden’s ‘pal’ cleared up whether or not the US President actually knows his name, after he referred to him as “that fella down under,” “pal,” and “Mr Prime Minister” at a conference.

Fuck it, let’s watch it again because it’s so beautiful.

According to the fella from down under, Biden calls him ‘pal’ all the time, which to me sounds like a dead giveaway that Biden never really calls him by his name. I dunno, there’s a good chance that he did forget it, especially if he never uses it.

“He called me pal, that’s how he usually refers to me on the phone too,” said that fella from down under.

“We always speak privately, he refers to me as his pal.”

This sounds a lot like someone saying ‘I have friends, I definitely have friends. Look how many friends I have. Heaps. And they all love me.’ Poor fella.

Fordham then asked the question we’ve all been dying to know the answer to. Does Biden actually know Mr Prime Minister’s name?

“Of course he does,” was the PM’s response.

Sure, Jan.

Alongside Biden and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison (had to say his name eventually) is over in America making some pretty historical decisions regarding the AUKUS alliance.

The partnership launched on Thursday morning, and the trio will meet again next week in Washington DC to sign an official agreement.

As part of the deal between the three massive superpowers, Australia will now gain exclusive access to the US’ highly guarded secrets regarding nuclear submarines and their construction, as well as receiving a fleet for use.

According to a joint statement from the new trio, these submarines will be put online at the “earliest achievable date.”

“We have always seen the world through a similar lens,” said Biden’s bestest pal at the conference.

“We have always believed in a world that favours freedom, that respects human dignity, the rule of law, the independence of sovereign states and the peaceful fellowship of nations.”

Image: Getty Images / James D. Morgan