President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, completely forgot the name of Australia’s captain of the ship, Scott Morrison, and I cannot stress enough how much the video of this moment makes me chuckle.

In case you missed it, Morrison is currently gallivanting about America, alongside UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Together with Biden, the three are making some pretty historical decisions regarding the AUKUS alliance, an acronym that’s rather easy to break down.

The partnership launched on Thursday morning, and the trio will meet again next week in Washington DC to sign an official agreement.

However, at one spectacular moment, Joe Biden went to thank Morrison and straight up just called him ‘that fella down under’ after seemingly forgetting his name.

“Thank you, Boris, and I wanna thank… that fella down under, thank you very much, pal, appreciate you, Mr Prime Minister.”

I can’t stop giggling over this. Somehow, Biden managed to call Morrison three separate names in one sentence.

Here’s the video, which makes it 10 times funnier:

As part of the deal between the three massive superpowers, Australia will now gain exclusive access to the US’ highly guarded secrets regarding nuclear submarines and their construction, as well as receiving a fleet for use.

According to a joint statement from the new trio, these submarines will be put online at the “earliest achievable date.”

“We have always seen the world through a similar lens,” said the fella down under at the conference.

“We have always believed in a world that favours freedom, that respects human dignity, the rule of law, the independence of sovereign states and the peaceful fellowship of nations.”

In other words, thank you for the big powerful metal boats, Mr President.

“We intend to build these submarines in Adelaide, Australia, in close cooperation with the United Kingdom and the United States,” Mr Prime Minister pal continued.

“But let me be clear: Australia is not seeking to establish nuclear weapons or establish a civil nuclear capability. And we will continue to meet all of our nuclear non-proliferation obligations.”

Well hey, that’s somewhat of a relief… I guess.

If you need me, I’m going to be rewatching the video of Biden’s blunder on loop all morning, and referring to Morrison as ‘that fella down under’ from here on out.