‘Tiger King’ Fella John Finlay Said His ‘Marriage’ To Joe Exotic Was Just A “Publicity Stunt”

Former exotic zoo employee John Finlay claims he was never married to Joe Exotic, central figure to the hit Netflix docuseries Tiger King, adding another unreal twist to the bizarre and enthralling story.

Speaking to Ben & Liam on Adelaide’s Nova 919 this morning, Finlay disputed the way his relationship with Exotic was portrayed on the show.

“Actually he’s not a former husband, we were never actually married,” Finlay said, adding that Exotic added that matrimonial spice to their relationship as a “publicity stunt.”

Despite Tiger King depicting the pair as sharing a romantic relationship for several years, Finlay said their marriage was never official and that any evidence suggesting otherwise must have “got done on the computer.”


It’s not the first time Finlay has publicly attempted to iron out that wrinkle.

In conversation with Variety last week, Finlay said their union was never confirmed in the eyes of the law, adding that he hasn’t spoken to Exotic since he was locked up for that whole plot to kill animal rights activist Carole Baskin.

Speaking of, Finlay told the Aussie radio duo that he has no harsh feelings towards Baskin, despite the legal action she took against Exotic and other folks connected to the zoo.

Why Finlay’s marital status and apparent feelings towards Baskin went unannounced in Netflix’ bonus Tiger King reunion episode is anyone’s guess, but you can hear the fella talk about his newfound fame here.