Morrison Reverses Cuts To Vital Food Charity After Huge Community Backlash

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has backflipped on reducing the level of government funding to charity Foodbank, today announcing the decision has been reversed – and that an extra $1.5 million will be provided to food relief funding in general over the next four years.

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The PM took to Twitter this morning to reveal the policy upheaval, after it was revealed yesterday the government planned to slash Foodbank’s funding from nearly $750,000 to around $427,000 as of January 1, 2019.

That move was roundly savaged Foodbank itself, along with Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, and advocacy groups who claimed the cut in funding would severely impact the Australians who use Foodbank to supplement their pantries in times of hardship.

Morrison today said that instead of limiting funding in order to provide extra funds to charity organisations Second Bite and OzHarvest, Foodbank’s financial support will be maintained.

Foodbank has responded to the about-face, thanking the PM for not gutting their funding.

Earlier, Shorten wrote to Morrison saying that the proposed cut “comes just six weeks from Christmas, and will be delivered during the holiday period — a difficult time for many vulnerable families.”

Shorten reiterated that Foodbank also assists in areas affected by drought and natural disaster, both of which Australia experiences on a reasonably regular basis.

A petition calling for Morrison to rethink the move also racked up nearly 30,000 signatures in the space of a day.

Fair dinkum.