Welp, The Foodbank Victoria Drive-Thru Had To Close Early Bc They Were Overwhelmed With Cars


Foodbank Victoria had to close their hamper drive early today, because demand was overwhelming that police say it was an issue of public safety.

Charity organisation Foodbank, opened its Melbourne warehouse doors on Friday, offering a drive-thru food service for those struggling to make ends meet during the lockdown. According to the organisation, the 5km lockdown rule did not apply to residents seeking aid from the Foodbank Warehouse in Yarraville.

“This is for people who are just doing it tough and don’t know they are going to feed their families or themselves, they’re simply run out of money, or this lockdown has just pushed them over the edge,” Foodbank spokesperson Matt Tilley said.

However, traffic grew so large that it went as far as the West Gate Bridge and as a result, police advised that the drive-thru would need to be closed early.

“We are so sorry,” Foodbank Victoria wrote on Twitter.

“The level of demand for our services was so overwhelming and traffic grew so large, reaching as far as the West Gate Bridge, we were advised by the Police that our drive-thru became an issue of public safety and we had to close up earl. Stay safe everyone.”

Today, Victoria recorded 55 cases of COVID, with more news tomorrow on whether there will be a state-wide lockdown due to dozens of cases in Shepparton.

“That makes today a bad day,” Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said.

“Now, I have no restriction announcements to make, no rule changes to make today.

“But I can’t rule that out.”

Just 25 of those 55 cases were quarantined during their infectious period. Daniel Andrews warned that if we have another weekend like the last, then we could end up like Sydney.

“If we have a weekend this weekend like last weekend, well then next week it will be like Sydney. Simple as that,” he said.