Coalition Poll Numbers Have Taken Another Dive, Despite The Big Blue Bus

Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s natural blokey demeanour, relatable beachside videos, and his loveable blue bus did nothing to stop another dogshit poll result for the Liberal Party, which now sits a cool ten points behind the Labor Party on a two-party preferred basis.

[jwplayer Yj24UY8I]

As it stands, the Liberal Party now sits at 45 points compared to Labor’s 55 on the latest Newspoll. That’s almost as bad as the results in the immediate aftermath of the spill, which saw an extra point of difference between the parties.

The take away here is that nearly two months after the party rolled its leader Malcolm Turnbull for no apparent reason, his successor has largely failed correct the party’s slide.

It’s also another a markedly worse result than the final poll before the spill, which saw Labor lead 51-49. Perhaps another leadership spill will be the one to correct the downturn.

Morrison personally sustained a bit of a blow at the polls, too. In terms of preferred Prime Minister against Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, Morrison sits at 42 points to Shorten’s 36; the last Newspoll, taken in late October, saw Morrison at 43 and Shorten at 35.

With an election coming up before May, it will be real bloody interesting to see what new strategies the Coalition cooks up to appease Australians who aren’t that stoked by the sight of a bus. Especially one which, uh, isn’t actually carrying the Prime Minister on much of its journey to marginal seats in Queensland.