Normal, Relatable Bloke Scott Morrison Has Changed His Signature To “ScoMo”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been busy laundering his image as a coal-fondling, offshore-imprisoning hardnut. You’ve probably noticed: he’s inflicted cringey videos and beer-swilling stunts upon Australia to sell his softer, daggier image.

Now, the PM appears to have altered his signature to reflect the nickname “ScoMo”, because “Scott Morrison” just isn’t going to cut it any more.

[jwplayer a08bR9m6]

Morrison yesterday unveiled the big, blue campaign bus he and staffers will use to travel around marginal seats in Queensland before the next federal election. His mug is emblazoned on the bus; so too is his squiggle.

But Herald Sun reporter Rob Harris noted the signature is somewhat different to his previous scrawls, which suggests the PM is going all-in with the “ScoMo” moniker.

It doesn’t even appear that Morrison changed his signature immediately after taking over from Malcolm Turnbull in August. A letter sent to retiree organisation SCOA Australia, dated October 22, shows Morrison using his full, non-“ScoMo” signature.

via SCOA Australia

It’s unlikely that Morrison’s new signature alone will do much to sway his poll results, which have sunk dramatically since the leadership spill, but it does indicate that the Prime Minister is open to anything which could potentially win over voters.