In case you missed it, this morning the sanctified and holy Dom Perrottet announced that the NSW government would be removing arrival caps and 14-day hotel quarantine for fully vaccinated people from November 1. However, this news has reportedly left everyone, including the PM, blindsided as fuck.

It seems that nobody really knows who the hell is in charge anymore, with Perrottet making a million and one changes while every other state plods along as normal.

According to, the NSW Premier briefly warned the Morrison government about his decision to open international borders, however, the PM was still left “blindsided” by it all, especially with all the specifics that have been missed.

For example, is international tourism back? What happened to the state borders? Aren’t decisions like this meant to be made by someone who isn’t the premier of NSW?

“From November 1st, those people returning to Australia who want to come back, who want to visit Australia and come to Sydney, hotel quarantine will be a thing of the past,” Perrottet said during today’s conference.

“People coming into here, you’ll need to do a PCR test before you board the flight. You will need to show proof of your double vaccination.

“For double vaccinated people around the world, Sydney, New South Wales is open for business. We want people back. We are leading the nation out of the pandemic. Hotel quarantine, home quarantine is a thing of the past.”

Weird for a premier to be leading the nation, but go off, king.

According to 2GB’s Ray Hadley, Perrottet didn’t talk to Scott Morrison at all, and everyone is scratching their heads about what the fuck is going on.

Who is right? Nobody knows! All one can really do is laugh.

Naturally, confusion has spread about the finer details of this NSW international border opening, and whether or not Scott Morrison is aware of this being announced or not.

Originally, there were plans to move towards seven-day home quarantines around November 1, but it’s now October 15 and Perrottet has been in office for around seven seconds, it feels, yet everything is moving lightspeed towards normal.

According to, this announcement from Perrottet comes shortly after Morrison allegedly called him a fuckwit over the phone.

One can only take this news with a grain of salt, but if this is true, I may agree with Morrison for the first time ever.

So, we have a blindsided PM, a confused nation, and a NSW premier who for legal reasons, I will stop talking about.

Everything is fine!

Image: Getty Images / Jenny Evans, Brook Mitchell