NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet Felt Compelled To Share That He Enjoys Vaping & Cool Story, Bro

Dominic Perrottet

In unexpected news: the conservative father-of-six and New South Wales Premier, Dominic Perrottet, says he likes to vape. Well, I’ll be damned.

Speaking on 2Day FM with Hughsey, Ed & Erin, he told them that he does smoke the occasional vape and admitted what his favourite flavour was.

“Are you a vaper, premier?,” Erin Molan asked.

“I have the occasional one, yeah,” Perrottet replied.

Then totally deadpan, Erin asked Perrottet: “what’s your flavour?”

To which he replied, mixed fucking fruit.

Well, thank god we’ve got Hughsey, Ed & Erin to ask the tough questions.

The 2Day FM radio hosts also discussed the problem with vaping and why it’s incredibly addictive, with Dave Hughes opening up about his own experiences.

“It’s a big issue for everyone, sorry. I got so hooked on it premier. It is so hard to get off,” Hughsey said.

“That’s why you’ve gotta have a prescription, and for many people it’s been a way to move away from cigarettes,” Perrottet replied.

The premier also admitted that the reason he starting vaping was to help him quit cigarettes.

However, the hosts and Dominic Perrottet all agreed that the most important thing was to discourage kids from taking up vaping and smoking.

But unfortunately, it’s not as simple as replacing one vice with another. According to Quitline, the number of of dual users of both e-cigarettes and tobacco are rising in Australia.

“Anecdotally, Quitline has had reports of people who successfully quit smoking, tried vaping and ended up smoking again,” a Quitline spokesperson told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

“Vaping can be difficult to control. You have a finite number of cigarettes in a pack and you might have 10 to 15 drags until the cigarette is finished. Some e-cigarettes contain up to 2,400 puffs so there’s no natural stopping point.”

Where are those Nicorette ad men who say “no, Gary no” when you need them??