A Twitter account which appears to be a frontline worker has justifiably slammed Prime Minister Scott Morrison for claiming that hospitals are coping with the current Omicron outbreak.

In case you missed it, Morrison told reporters yesterday that “while we do have a high volume of cases… there is ample capacity in our hospital system to deal with the challenges that we’re presently confronted with,” per SBS News.

His comments came as the state recorded 11,201 cases – which, prior to today, was the highest daily record in a state across the country since the pandemic began in March 2020 – as well as a startling rise of up to 700 positive people in hospital, 61 of which were in intensive care.

For Sydney-based ICU nurse Isabelle, who was in the middle of a 12+ hour-long shift in full PPE gear during the presser, those words by our prime flopster were “confusing and factually incorrect”. All you needed to do was visit an ED department, an overflowed ward or testing clinic to see that.

“You and the Premier [Dominic Perrottet] insist that Sydney hospitals are fine but friends and colleagues on the frontline in Sydney aren’t coping,” she explained.

“If they aren’t home with COVID, they are commuting to and from work riddled with fear they are spreading it to their patients and they are being turned away for tests.

“We are exhausted, and even more fatigued trying to keep up with the questionable decisions made by leaders as we adapt to a new variant and COVID environment.

“We are a resilient bunch, but HCWs are fed up. Over it. Done with the gaslighting.”

“The politics of this pandemic.”

To really understand what frontline workers are going through, Isabelle urged Morrison and Perrottet to actually visit a hospital and experience a day, an hour, hell even a couple of minutes in these facilities right now.

“The frontline does function under pressure because of the wonderful people that comprise it, but I wish you knew the mental toll this is all taking,” she said.

“Please, unless you or Dominic Perrottet have actually been to a Sydney hospital, EDs especially, and spoken to the staff – the nurse managers, the MOs, the cleaners and the patients – you don’t have the right to comment on how “well” we are coping.”

It’s important to note the account is mostly anonymous, but that would be expected as public servants aren’t really allowed to comment publicly about policy. So take it with a little grain of salt.

Earlier today, Scott Morrison announced that the definition of a close contact had changed, following a decision made by the national cabinet. That decision, which was hinted at in a press conference yesterday, was premptively criticised by health experts like Australian Medical Association president Dr. Omar Khorshid.

“I’m confused Scott Morrison,” Dr Khorshid said.

“Omicron spreads more easily than any other variant. It doesn’t care if you are a family member, a coworker, a drinker in the pub or breathing the same air in a lift.

“Isolating close contacts slows spread. Isolating less people means faster spread.”

“Redefining close contacts will simply accelerate the outbreak,” he added.

“I don’t think you could call the NSW experiment a success yet. Let’s not give up on slowing the spread.”

Anyway, if you do test positive for COVID, here’s how to tell if you have the Delta or Omicron variant.

Image: Getty Images / [Bloomberg]