Someone Paid Good Money To Write ‘Scomo Piss Off’ Across The Skies Of Brisbane

It’s a beautiful day in the glorious city of Brisbane. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. And someone has paid good money to have the phrase “SCOMO PISS OFF” written across the skies.

Folks up north have this afternoon spotted the rather curious sight of a plane hooning about Brisbane skies pulling a sign carrying a very specific message. That message being, we cannot stress this enough, “SCOMO PISS OFF AND U TO [sic] PALMER.”

The plane reportedly flew above Brisbane skies for around 30 minutes this afternoon, after appearing shortly after 3pm.

Quite obviously, that message is directed at Prime Minister Scott Morrison, as well as Clive Palmer, and has been timed to appear as Queensland moves towards its upcoming state election on October 31st.

Far from being the work of some low-tier pilot with a free afternoon and nothing better to do, the banner seems to be the work of a group going by the name Wake Up Australia, who have blanketed social media with press releases related to the stunt.

The group, with a man by the name of Alex Devantier at its centre, asserts they are not associated with the QLD Labor Party and has moved to distance themselves from another banner that was flown earlier in the week. That banner, which appeared in Brisbane skies on Wednesday, read “we are safe cause she is strong.” The image was widely shared by QLD Labor social media channels.

Per Wake Up Australia’s press release, the group is a “left-leaning group,” that asserts “what we stand for is anti-corruption #FEDERALICACNOW” and that “that includes the corruption of main stream [sic] media #STAMPOUTMURDOCH.”

Wake Up Australia is also promising to fly another banner across Brisbane on Monday at around 3pm. Devantier suggested on Twitter that QLD Premier Annastasia Palaszczuk and state Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young would be getting a “card” and “flowers” impelling them to “look up” at the banner. But, again, the group was at pains to distance themselves from formal association with QLD Labor.

Interestingly enough, Devantier is himself currently running an election campaign of his own. Per a website linked in his Twitter bio, Devantier plans to stand as an Independent candidate in the 2022 Victorian state election. More specifically, he plans to stand for the Division of Kew, which is currently held by Liberal Party pissbaby Tim Smith.

Strange ole’ day up in the skies, I tell you what.