‘Samurai Jack’ To Slice & Dice His Way Back To Cartoon Network In 2016

Look, we’re in the middle of a massive trend of revival, where networks – struggling to keep audience’s attention – are simply diving back into the well and pulling out old properties so they can go “REMEMBER THIS? THAT THING YOU LIKED ONCE? REMEMBER IT??” in the hopes that people’s sense of nostalgia is strong enough for them to respond “Hey yeah!

But, with that said, there are certain shows that should never have gone off the air in the first place and absolutely deserve another stint at the wheel.
Samurai Jack is absolutely one of those.
One of the most highly acclaimed, groundbreaking, and influential cartoons of all time is finally getting another shot at the small screen, with Cartoon Network today revealing a short teaser confirming the series will return in 2016, following a 12 year hiatus.

Original creator and mastermind Genndy Tartakovsky is confirmed to return to the revived series, and will serve as the executive producer. The new season will air in Adult Swim‘s Toonami block of programming.
For those not in the know, the series revolves around Jack – a young Prince from Feudal Japan – and his battles against the shape-shifting demon Aku who destroys his father’s empire, and later sends Jack into the distant future through a time portal.
The series is widely regarded for its sense of style, its cinematic atmosphere, and its highly stylised battle scenes. The series lead to Tartakovsky being hired by LucasFilm, where he spearheaded the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series.
No word yet on when in 2016 the new series of Jack will hit screens. But get your swords ready. It’s coming.
Source: Deadline.