Rebel Wilson Roasted Queensland While Hosting The AACTAs There, So Someone Make Sure She’s Safe

Internationally acclaimed actress Rebel Wilson proved yet again her status as Australian comedy royalty after hilariously hosting the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards (AACTAs) tonight in Queensland, where she gave the hosting state a couple of burns that are sure to result in trouble with the locals. (Kidding Queenslanders, please don’t stab me.)

The AACTAs were hosted on the Gold Coast this year, where Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson was given the duty of hosting. And oh boy did she deliver.

Among the attendees were some of Australia’s biggest exports such as Barbie star Margot Robbie, and Lord Of The Rings‘ highest of high elves Cate Blanchett, as well as massive names in Australia’s TV scene like Deadloch creators Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney, and general icon Abbie Chatfield.

(Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images for AFI)

Kicking off the massive night of awards and songs and speeches and drinks was Rebel Wilson’s opening monologue.

Wilson, a Sydney-sider by birth, obviously holds an innate need to stick a heel into the rival state. And given the iconic opportunity, she did New South Wales proud.

She started off by observing that of all the awards shows she is going to now, “this will be the only one serving boxed wine.”

Maybe not exactly a joke about Queensland, but warming the crowd up for what’s to come.

“It’ll also be the only one where people will get munted and chuck a spew in the dunny,” she continued.

(Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images for AFI)

Later she added that she does in fact enjoy Queensland, which in the comedy world is called a “misdirect”, as she clearly doesn’t and would only say that if it allowed her to set up a joke.

Which she then landed: “It’s like if Jetstar was a state.”

Suck it Queensland. You’re even one of the good airlines that cancel all my flights and cost a tonne of money whilst also having none of the perks. How does that burn feel?

Wilson’s best Queensland roast by far though was the one that combined one distasteful thing with another.

“All the best Married at First Sight participants are from Queensland,” concluded the comedian.

Wilson, the rest of Australia salutes you.

… And please make sure you bring extra security on the way home.

The night wasn’t just for Wilson to rip on Queensland – -as disappointing as it is that there’s no evening dedicated to that — because there were also plenty of awards to give to some of Australia’s amazing TV and movie stars!

Margot Robbie was the star of the night, taking home the prestigious AACTAs Trailblazer Award, which goes out to few iconic Aussie stars that make it big internationally. The only other recipients of the award are Chris Hemsworth, Isla Fisher, Simon Baker, and Rose Byrne.

Robbie also won Best Lead Actress In Film, and collected Barbie’s International Award for Best Film. Big night, big slay.

(Photo by Jono Searle/Getty Images for AFI)

Additionally the stunning Australian-made horror flick Talk To Me took home won the AACTA Award for Best Film, which is well-deserved to say the least.

Bluey of course won the AACTA Award for Best Children’s Program, and not just because it’s also from Queensland. Bluey is where my anti-Queensland sentiment comes to die.

Hannah Gadsby also won an award for Best Stand-Up Special for their aptly named Something Special.

The full list of winners and nominees for the 2024 AACTAs can be found on its website here.