The KIIS FM Producer Allegedly Involved In An Altercation With Jacob Elordi Has Spoken Out

The KIIS FM employee who allegedly found himself in a confrontation with Jacob Elordi in Sydney’s east has spoken about the incident on The Kyle And Jackie O Show on Monday morning. He also played a snippet of audio that he says he recorded during their interaction.

According to The Sunday Telegraph, Jacob Elordi is reportedly involved in a NSW Police investigation after he allegedly got into an altercation with KIIS FM employee and @MAFSfunny admin Joshua Fox at the Clovelly Hotel in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs on Saturday afternoon.

In an interview with Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson, Fox revealed that he was sent to the pub to get a story after word had spread that the Saltburn actor was having a bevvy in the beer garden. As per the audio, Fox approached the star telling him that he’s from The Kyle And Jackie O Show, with an empty jar in hand and asked that he fill it with his bathwater to send to the studio for Henderson.

“You’re kidding. What am I supposed to do with this?” Elordi responded before questioning whether Fox was filming.

When Fox confirmed that he was filming, Elordi asks: “Can you not man, please?”

On air, Fox confirmed that he did stop filming but alleges that things took a turn once the camera went off, claiming that Elordi “got up in his face” and “backed him against the wall” while his two friends stood either side.

(Image source: Getty Images / Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO)

“He’s a lot taller than me. I could’ve kissed him he was that close,” Fox claimed.

“I’m backed against a wall, he’s right in my face and his two boys are beside me. It was kind of scary. I’m feeling quite intimated, and Jacob demands I delete the footage.

Fox told the radio hosts that he agreed to delete the footage and claimed to have told Elordi that the joke didn’t land so he didn’t have any worthwhile footage to use.

“A switch went off and he’s become quite aggressive. He goes, ‘Go into your recently deleted [folder]’,” Fox claimed

“I’m thinking, if I delete this footage, there’s no evidence this encounter happened. So then I refused to.

Fox further alleged that after he refused to delete the footage: “Jacob flips and pushes me against the wall and his hands are on my throat.”

Fox said that he did not file a report with the police. Instead, they contacted him and he is yet to give them an official statement.

The Sunday Telegraph reported that after the alleged incident, Elordi left the venue.

In a statement to on Sunday, a spokesperson from NSW Police said a “man was allegedly assaulted” during the reported altercation and that they’ve launched an investigation into the incident.

“Officers attached to Eastern Beaches Police Area Command are investigating after a man was allegedly assaulted outside a hotel in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs,” police said, as per

“Police were told about 3.30pm on Saturday 3 February 2024, a 32-year-old man was allegedly assaulted by a 26-year-old man. The man did not sustain any injuries.”

Police also confirmed to The Sunday Telegraph that it has obtained CCTV of the alleged incident and it will be reviewed as a part of ongoing investigations.

No charges have been laid and Elordi is yet to comment on the interaction.

The Brisbane-born actor has recently shot to Hollywood stardom after he appeared in a number of popular projects such as Euphoria, Priscilla, Saltburn and The Kissing Booth trilogy — which he has previously dragged.

Elordi has been spotted multiple times in Australia in the last couple of months, however, it is not known if he will be appearing at this year’s AACTAs Awards alongside fellow Aussie Hollywood stars Margot Robbie and Rebel Wilson.

Neither Fox nor Elordi have spoken out about the alleged altercation.

Image source: Getty Images / Jamie McCarthy