Jacob Elordi Dragged The Kissing Booth Films As ‘Ridiculous’ & Honestly I Don’t Blame Him

jacob elordi in the kissing booth

Everyone’s favourite white boy Jacob Elordi has fans stunned in a brutally honest interview that’s become the highlight of my week, but despite his chiseled jaw and old school charm, the bit that truly gagged me was the shade he threw at The Kissing Booth. Also known as one of the worst rom coms (in my opinion). Sorry not sorry.

Elordi appeared on the cover of GQ magazine in what I suspect is one of the most well-timed choices for a cover ever — unlike Vogue‘s decision to put Jeff Bezos of all people on its pages. Ew.

The profile primarily focuses on Elordi’s quite sudden rise to Old Hollywood levels of stardom and the array of impressive projects he’s filmed in recent months (hello Priscilla and Saltburn). He just has that star quality, that je ne sais quoi, you know?

But before he wowed us in Euphoria, before he converted me to his cult in Saltburn (I saw a pre-screening of it, and I finally get it, you guys!), Elordi was in The Kissing Booth. All three films of the mind-numbing high school romance movies, in fact.

I, personally, have always been a hater of the films and it’s why it took me so long to actually get in on the Elordi love. It is the physical embody of the ick to me. And turns out, Elordi kinda hated it too, with the mag writing that it made him “miserable”.

“I didn’t want to make those movies before I made those movies,”  he said.

“Those movies are ridiculous. They’re not universal. They’re an escape.”

He accepted the role of angsty jock Noah Flynn because, well, he wasn’t known yet and needed a job. And he continued to film the trilogy for the same reasons.

jacob elordi as noah flynn in the kissing booth
Whoever made the decision that Jacob Elordi should have long hair in The Kissing Booth needs to be jailed. Image: Netflix.

However, he made it clear that this wasn’t really a “one for them, one for me” situation where stars do a film they don’t care about to fund a more niche but interesting film — because he doesn’t believe that system actually works.

“That one’s a trap as well. Because it can become 15 for them, none for you. You have no original ideas and you’re dead inside. So it’s a fine dance,” he said.

“My ‘one for them,’ I’ve done it.”

Done it indeed, because since then, Elordi has elevated himself from a generic teen heartthrob to someone more akin to an artist — and really it’s that mysteriousness that makes him feel like such a classic star.

The rest of the profile is truly an endearing one, grounding Elordi as a creative, serious lad who now has more fame than he knows what to do with. You can read it here.