Racist Idiots Target David Jones After Naming Adam Goodes As Ambassador

Unfortunately, for most Australians, this isn’t going to be much of a surprise to any of you. And the fact that that is true renders it utterly despondent.
David Jones revealed now retired AFL great Adam Goodes as one of its new brand ambassadors, featuring the Swans champion heavily in the new advertising campaign “#itsinyou.”

It’s in you | David Jones

Whoever you need to be. #itsinyou

Posted by David Jones on Saturday, 17 October 2015

But with the kind of tiresome regularity that we’ve all come to know far too well, Goodes’ unveiling was accompanied by a flood of racist-ass bullshit from small minded idiots who should probably be required to earn their internet privileges, much like a Grade 3 kid earns a pen license.
Fortunately for all, once the initial torrent was picked up on, the vast majority of messages posted to the David Jones Facebook page have been overwhelmingly supportive of Goodes’ – who joins the campaign alongside other notable faces such as Tim Rogers and Jessica Gomes.
However, this hasn’t stopped the occasional pearl of wisdom from the other side of the coin from seeping through.
Like this winning Photoshop effort…
…or this magnificently constructed string of English words.
Pro-Tip: Racist booing and “I’m not a racist, I just don’t like him” booing both sound exactly the same.
If you don’t want to be associated with the rot, then maybe it’s time to have a Coke and a smile and shut the fuck up.
David Jones, for their part, is standing by their new man.

“David Jones is proud to have Adam Goodes, a powerful and inspirational Australian, join its family of ambassadors.”

As part of his deal, Goodes is also working with the company to develop a “meaningfulReconciliation Action Plan.

In a previous statement, Goodes outlines the RAP’s importance.

“I believe when heritage organisations such as David Jones have a RAP they play an important role in ‘closing the gap’ by creating an inclusive society and promoting change. When they can use their voice to inspire positive change for the environment and community more generally, others will stand up and follow.”

via SMH.