Labor Thirsty For Adam Goodes To Run As Candidate In Next Election

A disgusting booing saga may have ended Adam GoodesAFL career on a sour note, but his time in the limelight and being an all-round champ ain’t over yet.

The two-time Brownlow medal winner / anti-racism campaigner has already signed a lucrative sponsorship deal with David Jones, and there’s now a possibility he could be running for parliament at the next federal election. Adam Goodes MP has a nice ring to it, but CAN YOU IMAGINE PRIME MINISTER ADAM GOODES? Okay we’re getting ahead of ourselves sorry. But #ThingsMoreLikelyThanBillShortenBecomingPM tbqh. 

Fairfax reports that the Labor Party has approached Goodes to run, with a senior Labor source telling them that Northern Territory Labor Senator Nova Peris had thrown that one on the table at a meeting earlier this year.

It’s tbd if he’ll take up the offer (and for the record, his manager said she was unaware of the entire situation). Goodes has flipped-flopped on whether a post-AFL career in politics is for him; in 2013 he expressed an interest (although didn’t have an interest in any one party), but three months after he retired, said he had was “definitely not interested in stepping into that arena.” 

Image: Stefan Postles via Getty Images.